RUPRI Releases Comments on Office Of Management & Budget Proposal to Revise Metropolitan and Micropolitan Area Standards. March 2021

RUPRI, led by the Rural Health Panel and the Population and Place Analytics Panel, has released comments on Recommendations from the Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Area Standards Review Committee to Changes in Metropolitan and Micropolitan Area Standards. Read Comments Here In our comments, we recommend that OMB not implement a change in the metropolitan statistical […]

RUPRI Scholar, Matt Fannin, to Participate in National Acadamy of Sciences Panel

RUPRI Scholar, Matt Fannin, from Louisiana State University, will participate in a National Academy of Sciences Gulf Research Board Advisory Panel on Community Resilience on Tuesday, September 25. During this session, Dr. Fannin will participate in a conversation about metrics and data to track resilience in a multi-stressed environment. View Additional Information

Rural Poverty, Fifty Years After The People Left Behind – A Research Conference. Looking Backward and Forward.

An Invited conference lifting up multidisciplinary social science research on rural poverty in the United States on the 50thAnniversary of the 1967 report of the President’s National Advisory Commission on Rural Poverty entitled The People Left Behind. This report focused attention on the economic and social conditions of the 14 million rural people living in poverty, […]

National Academy of Sciences releases report: Rationalizing Rural Area Classifications for ERS, including presentations from RUPRI Leaders, Dr. Tom Johnson and Dr. Bruce Weber

National Academy of Sciences releases report Rationalizing Rural Area Classifications for the Economic Research Service, including presentations from RUPRI Leaders, Dr. Tom Johnson and Dr. Bruce Weber. The Economic Research Service at USDA maintains four distinct geographic classification systems to designate areas by the degree to which they are rural. In April 2015, the Committee […]

New RUPRI Policy Brief released: Micropolitan America – for the Future of Rural Regional Innovation

Over one-half of the population of nonmetropolitan statistical areas of the United States live in a subset of nonmetropolitan geographies classified as Micropolitan areas. Over 27 million people live in these larger rural places, which are often anchor communities serving as regional hubs for commerce, employment and services. However, these areas are largely unexplored and […]

Featured RUPRI Leader: Dr. Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson has been with RUPRI since it’s early years at the University of Missouri.  Since his research, teaching and outreach have been focused on factors that affect the quality of life for farm families and other rural residents, Tom’s interests fit nicely within RUPRI’s developing mission. He served as the first RUPRI fellow in […]