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Next Generation

Next Generation is a collaborative initiative that partners with national networks to engage artists, organizations, and communities in meaningful dialogue and in learning exchanges to self-define contemporary rural culture and to advance cross-sector decision making.

Next Generation promotes innovative approaches to rural creative placemaking and expression of the social and cultural diversity of rural America. The Theory of Change is built upon the belief that rural creative placemaking must become a central component of rural economic and community development in our nation.

Next Generation is a collaboration between RUPRI and Art of the Rural—an interdisciplinary nonprofit organization with a mission to help build the field of the rural arts and shape new narratives on rural culture and community.

Presented in partnership with ArtPlace America and the National Endowment for the Arts, the Rural Creative Placemaking Summit explores the connective power of local, inclusive community culture through cross-sector partnerships.

The Next Generation Regional Networks work within state regions to develop integrated strategies for rural advancement, including (1) working groups to advance institutional, public, and private support informing policy and practice across their regions, (2) collaborative projects enhancing cross-sector networks and articulating a common mission in their regions, and (3) regional convenings to facilitate the convergence of the cross-sector networks.

Next Generation is a partner of Rural Generation, an intersectional coalition working to express the rural dimensions of equity and social justice in the arts and cultural landscape. The partnership between Next Generation and Rural Generation has led to a wide range of documents and media, including videos, in a Learning Commons on the Rural Generation website.

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