Cultural Wealth

Rural Cultural Wealth Lab

The Rural Cultural Wealth Lab addresses some of the most critical issues facing rural people and places through the development of innovative metrics that identify opportunities to improve rural quality of life and quality of place. The RCW Lab considers the roles that arts, culture, entrepreneurship, and innovation play in forming the diverse assets within rural communities.

The Rural Cultural Wealth Lab is a National Endowment for the Arts Research Lab with additional support from the USDA and the University of Iowa.

Comprehensive Rural Wealth Framework

To create a more robust conceptual framework for understanding the diverse assets within rural communities, RUPRI scholars developed the Comprehensive Rural Wealth Framework. This framework considers eight different types of wealth assets that may be found within a community.

The Role of the Arts & Cultural Capital in Rural Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Feb. 23 & 25, 2021

RUPRI is hosting a virtual research  conference on the important role that arts and cultural capital play in rural innovation, community well-being, and rural community sustainability and resiliency. This virtual conference will ask the research community to explore issues of rural cultural capital through basic research and collaborations with researchers.

Highlighted Work

Browse the RUPRI library for more work on the Rural Cultural Wealth Lab.

Browse the RUPRI library for more work on Cultural Wealth.