Policy Engagement

RUPRI was created in 1990 by a bipartisan group of United States senators who were seeking to develop an external, nonpartisan policy research institution to address the rural differential impact of public policies and programs.

RUPRI facilitates public dialogue and assists federal, state, and local policymakers to better understand the rural impacts of public policies and programs.

RUPRI has made a commitment to:

  • Provide timely, empirically based, and non-partisan advice and assistance to policymakers on the rural impacts of public policies and programs and on options for improving the prospects for rural people and places.
  • Foster understanding of and the search for effective solutions to the challenges of rural America by providing safe venues for people with a stake in the future of rural America to discuss openly concerns, issues, and opportunities.
  • Encourage collaboration and common purpose among scholars to pursue research that supports effective policy and practice, and among institutions and agencies that have the expertise, resources, and responsibilities to impact rural people and places.