RUPRI Partner Kentucky Rural-Urban Exchange Highlighted in The Hill Newspaper

“Use infrastructure dollars to support our democracy”, a recent commentary in The Hill newspaper, featured the Kentucky Rural-Urban Exchange (RUX) as an example of a local civic organization worth investing in to strengthen our nation’s communities. The authors write, “In Kentucky, the Kentucky Rural-Urban Exchange (RUX) is a creative leadership program designed to build confidence, grow social […]

RUPRI Founder & President Emeritus Chuck Fluharty Interviewed for Campbell Conversations on WRVO Public Media

Many prominent voices both inside and outside of government are calling on President Biden to focus more attention on rural issues, and even appoint a rural czar to coordinate the effort. On this episode of the Campbell Conversations, Grant Reeher speaks with Charles Fluharty, founder and President Emeritus of the Rural Policy Research Institute at […]

Health Affairs blog Features RUPRI Writing on Affordable Health Insurance Options in Rural Areas

The Health Affairs blog recently featured a piece by Abigail Barker, Timothy McBride & Keith Mueller of the RUPRI Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis, examining whether the health insurance market can deliver affordable health insurance options in rural areas.   Can the Market Deliver Affordable Health Insurance for Rural Areas, discusses the multiple challenges that rural areas […]

RUPRI Scholars’ Research on Rural Intergenerational Mobility featured in CityLab

RUPRI Scholars, Bruce Weber, and Matt Fannin, and their colleagues, Kathleen Miller and Stephan Goetz, have recently released research that shows that average upward mobility is greater for youth in nonmetropolitan counties than in metropolitan counties.  CityLab, a publication of Atlantic Media dedicated to examining life and development in our nation’s cities, featured this work in a […]

RUPRI Research on Rural Pharmacy Closures featured in US New & World Report

Ongoing research on rural pharmacy closures by the RUPRI Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis was featured in a US News & World Report article, Rural Pharmacies and Closing: Where Does That Leave Patients. “IN RURAL AND SMALL-TOWN America, independent pharmacies play a vital role for the customers who rely on them. However, U.S. rural pharmacies are dwindling. Since […]

RUPRI’s Rural Health Research Findings included in new GAO Report on Rural Hospital Closures

The United States Government Accountability Office was asked by Members of Congress to examine Rural Hospital Closures and the Number and Characteristics of Affected Hospitals and Contributing Factors. Research and policy considerations from the RUPRI Health Panel, the RUPRI Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis and Rural Health Value, in partnership with Stratis Health, were included in the report. GAO’s analysis […]

Dr. Bruce Weber featured on ERS for Research on SNAP Participation in Oregon

ERS explores the relationship between local economic conditions and the duration of able-bodied adults’ enrollment in SNAP. Researchers, including Dr. Bruce Weber, examine whether improvements in local labor market conditions in Oregon shorten enrollment times for these SNAP recipients.  View Report

RUPRI’s Fluharty Highlights Accomplishments of Kentucky Valley Education Cooperative

The work of the Kentucky Valley Education Cooperative (KVEC) to use their Race to the Top grant from the Department of Education to advance new learning opportunities in rural Kentucky schools was highlighted in a recent Pacific Standard article, How to Rewrite a Region’s Story As the article states, “Fixing education in coal country would require a tectonic […]

United States Senate Finance Committee Public Hearing on Rural Health

May 24, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am Keith Mueller, Ph.D.,  Interim Dean of the College of Public Health at the University of Iowa and Director and Chair of RUPRI’s Rural Health Initiatives, has been invited to testify at a United States Senate Finance Committee Public Hearing on rural health.  The hearing will be held on […]

RUPRI Rural Cultural Wealth Lab highlighted in NEA press release: New Research Highlights Economic Impact of the Arts in Rural Communities National Endowment for the Arts Releases Rural Arts, Design, and Innovation in America Online Conversation at #NEArural

Washington, DC—Rural arts organizations draw more non-local audiences to their venues and report greater civic leadership and customer connectedness than their urban peers, according to a new research report, Rural Arts, Design, & Innovation in America: Research Findings from the Rural Establishment Innovation Survey. Published by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the report is […]

RUPRI Partner, Art of the Rural Program Director Savannah Barrett, interviewed about the Kentucky Rural-Urban Exchange in the Wall Street Journal

“What we have found is that it’s really difficult to hate someone you’ve had deep, meaningful, transformative experiences with—and whose community you’ve really come to value because you’ve felt welcome and appreciated there.” –Savannah Barrett, Director of Programs at Art of the Rural and Co-founder of the Kentucky Rural-Urban Exchange The Kentucky Rural-Urban Exchange is featured in The […]

RUPRI Leader Keith Mueller Receives Regents Award for Faculty Excellence from the University of Iowa

Keith Mueller, Director of the RUPRI Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis, Gerhard Hartman Professor and head of the Department of Health Management and Policy, was chosen by the selection committee of the Faculty Senate as one of six members of the University of Iowa faculty to receive a 2016 Regents Award for Faculty Excellence. […]

The Applied Economics Department at Oregon State University recently honored Dr. Bruce Weber, Professor Emeritus and Director of the OSU Rural Studies Program

Bruce Weber, Professor Emeritus and Director of the OSU Rural Studies Program, on the occasion of his retirement. Bruce continues his leadership role on the RUPRI Analytic and Academic Programs team.  View Article

Rural Wealth Creation Team receives USDA Abraham Lincoln Honor Award

LINCOLN HONOR AWARD: For leading a national research program on rural wealth creation that incorporates a broader conception of wealth into efforts to achieve and measure rural prosperity. RUPRI Team: Dr. Bruce Weber, Professor of Applied Economics and Director of the Rural Studies Program, Oregon State University Dr. Matthew Fannin, Associate Professor, Louisiana State University […]

Dr. Tim McBride, RUPRI Health Panel Member, to lead Center for Health Economics and Policy – Washington University 

View Full Article Washington University in St. Louis has announced the launch of the Center for Health Economics and Policy (CHEP), to be housed in the Institute for Public Health. The goal of the new center is to improve population health in America by encouraging health policy and economics research and dissemination. The center will […]