Assessing Indiana’s E-Readiness in the Development of the Digital Society

View Report This study seeks to bridge the gaps in research on the relationship between broadband accessibility and human development by assessing the e-readiness of Indiana counties. Written by Srikant Devaraj, PhD; Sushil Sharma, PhD; Emily J. Wornell, PhD; and Michael J. Hicks, PhD (Ball State University); published Oct. 5, 2017.

RUPRI President and CEO Chuck Fluharty to present at NTCA TELECOM EXECUTIVE POLICY SUMMIT

November 18, 2015 Beyond Rural Walls: Identifying Impacts and InterdependenciesAmong Rural and Urban Spaces Presented By Smart Rural Community and Foundation for Rural Service in collaboration with Rep. Bill Johnson (Ohio, 6th Dist.) and Senator Al Frankin (Minnesota) View Agenda View Website

Human Development & Technology in US Counties

View Policy Paper In this study, the authors expand the scope of their previous research using the Human Development & Technology Index (HDTI) to assess geographic trends in the access to and the quality of broadband technology across all US counties. This work includes considerations for policy makers. Written by Srikant Devaraj, PhD; Sushil Sharma, …

Broadband Needs, Challenges, and Opportunities in Rural America

This presentation explores rural and urban definitions and what makes an area rural/urban. It also discusses population dynamics and challenges in rural and urban areas. Presented by Charles W. Fluharty (President and CEO, Rural Policy Research Institute) at the Rural Broadband Workshop Federal Communications Commission on March 19, 2014 in Washington, D.C. View Presentation