Owensboro Gathering a win for Food, Art, and Health in Kentucky!

This week, RUPRI partnered with the Kentucky Arts Council, Owensboro Health, the Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation, and Art of the Rural to host a statewide conversation in Owensboro, KY about the dynamic intersection of food, art and health. More than seventy-five people travelled to Owensboro to attend the event, which offered participants a broad understanding of […]

Local food hub sprouts in Little Falls Minnesota: Former Crestliner building takes new roots

RUPRI leader Cheryal Lee Hills, Executive Director Region Five in MN,  is a member of the RUPRI State Policy Panel and Next Generation National Advisory Board.  Cheryal and collaborator Arlene Jones launched “Sprout” on Friday, April 1st in Little Falls MN – with many funders, partners and contributors.   RUPRI was  honored to participate in this […]