The Rural Differential: A Literature Review at the Nexus of Arts & Culture, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation

Our review of the literature reveals that:

  • Current research in arts and culture, creativity, and innovation has a significant metropolitan bias. Most research either focuses solely on metropolitan issues or assumes the arts and culture issues are uniform across the rural-urban continuum.
  • More research on the effect of rural arts and culture on the vitality of rural communities and the quality of life of rural residents is needed.
  • Research that does focus on rural arts and culture suggests that the most important cultural assets in rural regions differ from those in urban regions. Natural amenities, cultural heritage, and social networks, especially informal networks, are important factors in the development of a vibrant arts and culture sector in rural areas.
  • New conceptualizations of the dynamics of rural arts and culture are needed and the Comprehensive Wealth Framework is a promising foundation for a robust conceptualization of role arts and culture in the development of rural regions.

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Written by Thomas G. Johnson and Emily J. Wornell of RUPRI’s Rural Cultural Wealth Lab in January 2019

The Rural Differential Lit Review (Cover Image)